SMC Specialties

The Service Profile

Structuring and arrangement of complex situations in family and group enterprises
Strategic Alliances
Succession of familial generations
Start Ups

Structuring and Organization of Corporate Financing
Procurement of Equity
Procurement of Outside Capital

Business mediation: mediation of interests between two or more parties based on the transparent structuring of a specific situation and its involved interests

Development and moderating of strategic events, such as management conferences, seminars, meetings, etc.

Personalized support to shareholders and management staff as a constructively-critical and innovative consultant

Interest-oriented structuring and arrangement of shareholders' environment after their withdrawal as active partners

Success-oriented, economically-based coordination of different professional disciplines in a given situation

Success-oriented planning and execution of protection of interests of a party in negotiations
Definition of negotiation targets
Development of negotiation strategies
Result-oriented recruiting of a negotiation team
Strategic conduct of negotiations


Communicating, analyzing, structuring, developing strategic concepts, conducting day-to-day support in national and international context
Supervision of national and international interdisciplinary network of highly-qualified experts to form ideal teams for each situation

SMC's consulting services include a combination of qualified business management advice and the consequent observance of the respective inclusion of the human component. Situations can then be avoided wherein useless concepts are needlessly created, developed and implemented and do not meet expectations, because the involved parties cannot and/or do not want to support them. In this context, SMC offers profound practical experience in more than ten years of international consulting and an extensive breadth of knowledge in economic research.