Shareholder Consulting

Shareholder consulting focuses on the interests of shareholders. On an economical basis main interests are the "protection of assets" and, after this goal has been accomplished, the "extension of assets". In family enterprises there can be an additional level of family related interests, like reputation, tradition and the support of family members, that has to be addressed.

In close relationship with the shareholders and/or persons of their confidence SMC examines:

Possible threats and opportunities for all assets
What has to be done to protect the value of the assets
When and how it would be possible to increase the value of an investment under given conditions
The pros and cons of the actual vs. the  optimum situation to determine when and what course of action should be taken to achieve the greatest advantage in a given situation
When necessary, what could be the optimum options for an active divestment marketing
When necessary, the structure of a divestment depending on the individual interests of a shareholder  (e.g. return in cash or stocks)
Possibilities for a future oriented organizational design and human resource policy

The complexity of situations often requires the efficient teamwork of different disciplines (e.g. CPIs, attorneys, consultants). In daily business it can be observed frequently how the deficient coordination of several experts leads to losses in time, energy and money. Considerable potentials of improvement can be realized here. Therefore, SMC offers to take  the responsibility for the management of the interdisciplinary coordination.

Consequently SMC assumes the overall assessment of specific economic situations, defines, on this basis, appropriate process steps and manages the most beneficial route toward an optimum outcome:

Expert analysis of the current situation
Comprehensive identification of demands and tasks, specific to the employees of a company
When necessary, sourcing of adequate support from external specialists, as well as planning and supervising their activities
When necessary, creating, managing and supervising of a joint team of employees and external specialists
Success-oriented monitoring of the results of the respective measures or steps taken

SMC offers a comprehensive service portfolio to company shareholders; from the strategic preparation of investment situations (analysis, structuring and concept) to the optimum day-to-day realization of the developed concepts.